Learn the Risks of Using a VPN to Bypass WhatsApp Blocking

With the blocking of WhatsApp in Brazil, many users can join applications with free VPN (private virtual networks) systems to circumvent the veto and continue sending and receiving messages.

These systems allow the user to appear to be accessing the internet from a country other than Brazil, which makes WhatsApp accessible, since the blocking was done only here (in countries that impose control of the network, such as China, It is common for Internet users to use VPNs to escape the censorship barrier).

The problem is that VPNs can also cause risks: the company or organization that maintains the tool could theoretically have access to your data (conversations or other information you passed on the connection).

Also, the connection may be slow and of course the person on the other side also needs to be accessing WhatsApp in some way.

"All your browsing will be out of this new server," said Wanderson Castilho, a specialist in digital crime, "who foolishly thinks it will only be WhatAapp messages." "It's a risk. Do I really have to go through this?"

Information security consultant Vinícius K-Max says it's best to avoid free options - there are a number of options at Apple and Google application stores.

"Any free action is inadvisable because if someone is offering a free VPN, they must be profiting from it in a different way, possibly by inserting ads in their navigation or monitoring their navigation, which is a great risk of invasion of privacy" , he told me.

"The least risky option is to hire a reputable service and connect to it through the VPN access option of the operating system itself. Both Android and iOS offer this feature."

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