Wanderson Castilho

Our History

For over 20 years, Enetsec has helped clients make confident risk management decisions, business intelligence, cyber security consulting services, digital forensic services, computer forensic expert witness service and due diligence. The company has conducted international jobs in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, and South America.

Important cases solved

Enetsec gained notoriety for proving that a Brazilian state lottery game was fraudulent and used marked balls to ensure wins.

The company was a pioneer in using lie-detection by reading micro facial expressions as a tool to solve all kinds of crimes like homicide, kidnapping, information leakage, intellectual property theft, employee whistleblower cases, among others.

In 2017, solved a revenge porn case that reached national repercussions. The aggressor was identified, taken to the court, and found guilty. The case made the House of Representatives in Brazil approved Bill 18/17* (Law Rose Leonel) to typify the exposure of woman’s images, data, videos, audio files, collages, and photo compilations without express consent.

Meet our Chairman
Wanderson Castilho

CEO of Enetsec, expert in cyber crimes, computer and digital forensics. Columnist at Boca Raton Tribune.

Representative member from South America and Central America on the Michigan Collegiate Cyber Defense Network, Industry, and Academic Advisory Board, at the University of Michigan, USA, which holds competitions in network security with the objective of guaranteeing competitiveness among learning institutions that train professionals in Information Technology.

Consulting member of the Electronic Rights Commission and High Technology Crimes of OAB SP. Professor of a course on officer training for the Civil Police from the state of Paraná – Brazil, at the Magistrate Federal School of Paraná (ESMAFE), in the module Cybercrimes, in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Professor at the Superior School of Police in the state of Paraná in a course for the formation of officers, in the module Cybercrimes, in 2016.

Author of the following books:
100 Critical Facts about the World’s Cybercrime (2019)
English and Portuguese Edition

Do you Know What your Children do on the Internet? (2014)
Portuguese Edition

Deception a Multifaced Issue: a guide to lie detection agains cybercrime (2011)
English and Portuguese Edition

The Digital Detective’s Handbook (2009)
Portuguese Edition