Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Cybersecurity is the monitoring of protective systems, networks, and programs to prevent digital attacks that aim to access, change, or destroy sensitive information, extort cash from users, or interrupt business practices.

Our areas of expertise include:

Incident response

Enetsec resolves cyber security incidents quickly, efficiently and on a large scale. Our consultants combine investigative and remediation expertise with industry-leading threat intelligence and network and endpoint technology to help you with a wide range of activities, from technical response to crisis management.

System audits

With the rising complexities in securely managing servers, networks, systems, and applications, the need for auditing and reviewing these systems is rising. It is a very challenging task to audit an organization’s IT infrastructure to comply with all the internal and external security needs. Our team of experts will personally audit every system to ensure that they are adequately protected from threats and are working fine.

Penetration test service

Vulnerabilities exist and expose your company to unknown risk. Those gaps might be as unsuspecting as a database, an application, website access, even your own employees. Any of those access points could provide a direct route into confidential electronic data, such as financials, patient information, strategic or classified documents. 

Pentest services delve deeper to pinpoint pathways to access, ranking the potential value of each and providing a clear roadmap for remediation. Our team of ethical hackers conduct a comprehensive
assessment of potential vulnerabilities, prioritizing those and
recommending ways to block attacks before they damage your
bottom line.

Types of penetration testing services:
– External Network Penetration Testing
– Internal Network Penetration Testing
– Application Penetration Testing
– Wireless Penetration Testing
– Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Spyware detection

Spyware can infect any device and give cybercriminals full access to sensitive information such as your passwords, banking details, or your entire digital identity. Enetsec identifies, investigates, and responds to cyber threats.