Digital Forensic Services

Enetsec identifies, collects and preserves digital evidence to be analyzed to help recreate actions of an end user. We assist law enforcement and legal professionals in recovering evidence. Our services include expert witness testimony for in court, depositions and affidavits needed to conclude a process.

Our areas of expertise include:

Audio & video forensics

– Audio, video authenticity
– Image analysis
– Video enhancement
– Voice identification

Automotive forensics

– Cell phone usage or texting
– Vehicle navigation info

Remote services

Enetsec offers the service of being able to capture evidence via a secure remote connection. A computer forensic examiner connects to your system to capture a forensically sound image to a target destination

Cell phone forensics

– Calls logs
– Chat history, contact lists, text messages, photos and
videos recovery
Deleted and hidden data
– Email servers
– Geolocation history
– Social networking service activity
– Spyware detection
– Web browsing history

Computer forensics

– Back-up Storage Media
– Databases
– Emails Servers
– Hard Drives
– Internet
– Web Servers

E-mail and social media forensics