COVID-19 urge digital transformations

Like 9/11 2001, the world today will not be the same anymore. A virus showed us that it does not need to be extremely lethal or severe contagious to make the whole world panic and also make the stock market breakdown. A virus 3% lethal almost killed 97% of world’s economy. It showed us that although we […]

Empowered doesn’t make you an expert

There is no doubt that the internet helped a lot of us feel empowered. You can send emails to the president of a big company complaining about an employee who made you feel like the worst customer in the world. You can send a message to your favorite artist or writer just by connecting with […]

How to Identify Romance Scams

During my 18 years combating cybercrime, I have never seen so many people fall victim to romantic scams as I’ve seen in the past year. You might think the victims are naïve. But this would be a narrow point of view. Besides, it does not help in any way to criminalize the victim. Nobody wants […]

Cryptocurrency, try it or not?

The market frequently launches new ways to earn money. And right now, we are in the era of cryptocurrency. A very interesting subject, but very enigmatic. Imagine yourself earning 3% per day with the money you have invested. It’s very tempting, isn’t it? However, it’s extremely dangerous. See, the criminals are always where the money is. Everyday […]