About Us

#wanderson Castilho
Since 1999
97% solved

Enetsec is a unique company, being able to act in all transactions involving digital environments, by preventing and fighting against digital incidents. Counting on a highly specialized team, Enetsec is currently based both in Brazil. 

Since 1999, through its founder and CEO Wanderson Castilho, Enetsec offers solutions for providing security and eliciting data that is behind digital actions.  

Due to providing detailed and highly costumized work, Enetsec has created a broad client portfolio, in several industries.

Enetsec provides high expertise in its sector: over 3.5k cases handled, and a 97% rate of solution on expert/ investigative demands.

Castilho is a digital crime specialist, a physicist, and author of the following books: Mentira: um rosto de muitas faces ( “Deception a multifaced issue: A GUIDE TO LIE DETECTION AGAINST CYBERCRIME”), Manual do Detetive Virtual (“The digital detective’s handbook”), and Você sabe o que o seu filho está fazendo na internet? (Do you know what your kid is doing online?”). He is a consulting member at the Law Commission for the Information Society of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB-SP) and an instructor at law enforcement academies throughout Brazil. He has had international experiences as a digital crime specialist in the US, Africa, Canada and South America, and earned more than 10 international certifications.