Data Recovery

EnetSec performs data recovery services through high-tech forensics that correct information on a computer, memory stick, memory card, and more. We extract it safely and transfer the data to another device on flash media such as damaged SSDs, memory card and pendrive.

Hard Drive Size

Hard Drive Size    TYPE A    TYPE B
Less than 499 GB    $249    $ 449
500 GB – 1.5 TB    $350    $549
2 TB    $450    $649
3 TB    $550    $849


Please note: All prices listed are based on the TOTAL size of the drive, and not on the amount of data on the drive or on the amount of data you would like recovered.

TYPE A recoveries applies to drives that can be read on our special equipment. This includes drives with bad media sectors, deleted files and some drives with degraded performance.

TYPE B recoveries cover drives that require mechanical or electrical intervention in order to read from the drive.

For larger drives contact us for pricing.

Flash Drives

Flash pricing includes SD or CF memory cards, as well as USB flash drives.

Flash Drive Size    TYPE A    TYPE B
0 – 64 GB    $150    $250
128+ GB    $251    $350


TYPE A recoveries are for drives with bad sectors or logical failures.

TYPE B recoveries are for drives that require electrical work such as re-soldering connections to be read.

In the event the damage is severe, recovery may require a chip removal and recovery. Our technicians will quote this service as needed. Most of our flash recoveries are served by either the TYPE A or B service.


Camera Card    TYPE A    TYPE B
2 GB & UNDER    $199    $ 249
4GB-16GB    $250    $349
32 GB    $350    $449
64 GB    $450    $549


When Data is Not Recoverable – Lab Fee $ 50

  1. recovery is a salvage operation and there are situations where existing damage can prevent recovery. For some extreme scenarios, a mechanical failure can cause platter damage and we cannot save the data. For these situations, even though we have done all of the usual work required of recovery, we only charge a Lab Fee of $ 50.


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