Client: a legal entity

Classified information leakage through email messages from the board 

An industrial sector international company is going through the negotiation phase for implementing a park in South America. Subject is treated with extreme secrecy only by members of the top tier, as there was fear of inflation on the real estate market at the targeted location. Suddenly, an enormous heat on real estate deals is perceived at that small town, and the board suspects of information leakage. Enetsec team analyses the company’s devices and finds out about information leakage, and also about the identity of the person who was responsible for it. That has given the company reasons for a fair dismissal. 

A preventive vulnerability detection job reveals vulnerabilities at partner companies’ websites.  
The Enetsec team, searching for security breaches of the website of a certain company, which carries out e-commerce sales and financial transactions, ended up finding vulnerabilities in several of the company’s partners. Through the company that had hired Enetsec, partner companies were informed about those fragilities and received safe guidance about how to protect from attacks and deviation of resources.

Banking fraud with deviation of values through phishing
A conglomerate of financial institutions points out large figures damages, which were motivated by improper deviations of money from victimized checking accounts for illegal accounts, from data obtained through phishing. Companies have decided to get together and set a task force with the police, presenting Enetsec team as the technical assistant representative. In a combined tracking work, the task force is able to identify one of the leaders of the criminal organization. Law enforcement has arrested that leader and, as a consequence, there was substantial reduction of the loss caused by the money stealing actions through wire transfers.