Developing and analyzing “company compliance politics” and “terms of use and services” for websites and internet services 

Taking care of the internet your company offers to third parties

No company should keep their eyes shut to the computerizing of internal processes. Teams are constantly subject to online contacts at their workplace, using devices provided by the employer or bringing their own devices to work – the BYOT phenomenon. Not to mention facilities providing wi-fi passwords, aiming to fidelizing clients. 

The importance of “content use agreements”
Besides, when making services available through the internet, the part that is offering the website is always bound to doubts about the limits of use of the content – that is when it becomes imperative to present the user with the operating rules they are signing up to. 

Technical guidance
That is why Enetsec has guidance specialists for the writing of website “terms of use and services”, and also for writing about the services provided, as well as the preparation of instruments in order for companies to keep a clear relationship with their employees – considering their use of technology at work, at the company’s physical and digital environments.