Vulnerability analysis for online systems

Sealing of computer systems against intruder access

Enetsec team, under the investigator Wanderson Castilho’s direct oversight, provides clients with the opportunity of being severely analyzed, in order to promote complete sealing of undesired access.

Controlled invasion attempts 
The simulation of extreme conditions presents real attempts to trespass computer systems that are being analyzed. From the well-known penetration test protocol, pentest, to the attempts that are very similar to techniques used by crackers, controlled invasions are performed by a team of ethical hackers located in Brazil and in the US.

The imprint of a controlled invasion – it is imperative to get there before the perpetrator
All breaches found are marked with a small dot, a kind of a key that will be informed secretly to the contracting party. A report will be sent periodically to the compliance and IT teams, on behalf of the hiring company.