Digital forensics investigation services and technical legal assistance

Wanderson Castilho and team

Managed by renowned cybercrime investigator Wanderson Castilho, Enetsec team of investigators has been certified internationally for performing using the same forensics investigation techniques and devices that are used by the international community and by federal police authorities, such as the Brazilian Federal Police and the FBI/USA. 

Some of the tools we use
Work is performed either on-site or in our forensics analisys lab, using the most adequate platform for each case, according to the investigator’s ability to assigning the most suitable tool to handle each event. Among the most frequently used forensics solutions are Tableau, FTK, and Cellebrite. 

Digital investigations
Digital investigation is done for files, social media profiles, and electronic mail messages, among others. As for physical investigation, its main goal is to recover data that has transited a given device, with high rates of success, and it is performed in devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, pen drives, servers, and phone tapping devices.

Those can originate either from search and seizures, or be presented confidentially by private individuals or legal entities, or even reach the team of investigators by an authority request.

Special Features