I am Scammer Hunter

A handsome man, blond, light-eyed, well dressed in all the photos and with an important air adds you to Facebook. In addition, he is gringo and lives in Europe or the United States. As soon as you accept the request for friendship, the cat already calls you in the chat. Impossible not to be enchanted by the onslaughts and compliments he gives you with those charming Portuguese misfits. In the days that follow, it is amazing how he is already completely in love with you and makes huge statements. You fall for that prince who came out of nowhere and already seems to know the way to conquer your heart. Except that this prince, in fact, is a frog, a frog of evil ...

Victims are emotionally and financially injured.

I discovered the scammers five years ago. They are virtual scammers, men of a worldwide gang that fools women into social networks. I almost fell in that blow. A supposedly handsome British man added me from nowhere and I accepted on impulse even without knowing who he was. Minutes later, I was alerted in own face by a woman saying that the man I had just accepted was a virtual coup. She was a hunter of these evildoers and explained everything about them. I deleted the bastard at the time! That banging story shocked me.

The work of this internet gang is fully calculated. They choose single women over 30 who appear vulnerable on social networks. The preferred victims are those who post about loneliness or a loving disillusionment. They are perfect to fall into the tale of romance in the distance with a European big shot. The profiles they use have fake names and photos stolen from American and European men, often from the Armed Forces.

After chatting a bit with Face chat, they ask for your email, claiming it's best to talk. A few weeks later, they come up with a financial problem (a major business trip or a debt) and ask the victim to send money to them. That's where the most painful part of the coup happens: in addition to being cheated emotionally, these women are also financially hurt!

My blog receives 4 thousand visits a day: I have already helped hundreds of women

At the end of 2011, after much research on scammers on sites in other countries, I decided to find a way to alert women about this crime. Since I did not find any Brazilian site talking about it, I decided to create a blog and a Facebook page to denounce the coup.

She turned the dawns awake searching for the false profiles of the good-natured peasants. He copied the screen, saved and published everything! For those who have experience, it is very easy to recognize when it comes to a coup!

Currently, my blog has 4,000 daily visits. After exposing the scammers so much, today I am wanted by women to investigate the guys with whom they are communicating or to receive new accusations, without charging anything. I've heard every story, girl. Some have sent thousands of reais out of the country and never seen the color of money again! One of the cases was tragic: the victim committed suicide after discovering that she was being cheated for six months and had lost no less than $ 30,000!

And do not think you need to be silly to fall into the vicar's story, no. I've received reports from doctors, lawyers, journalists ... The crime is so perfect that anyone can be deceived!

I even get death threats, but I'll never shut up!

I never reveal my name or my personal email, not even to these victims. Show me a picture? No way! My concern is for some scammer to discover my identity and use it to apply scams to other people! Since I've helped hundreds of women get rid of these scammers, harming the gang, of course they hate me. I even received death threats on my Facebook page and even said they had done black magic against me.

But I'm not afraid: my willingness to help these victims against the virtual evildoers is greater than anything that can happen to me. And I'm getting to the desperation of these thugs. - CRYSTAL BRASIL, 54 YEARS, civil servant, Cuiabá, MT

Know how to identify a virtual coup

■ Be wary if he has few friends in his Facebook profile and does not interact with any. Usually there are few photos, no comments or markings.

■ The scammer will say he is from the US or Europe and his photos will be from a handsome man, usually from the army.

■ If they are already talking, call them to Skype to see them on the camera. He will never bump because he will have to show his true face.

■ Why would a foreign general seek a wife on Facebook? Open your eyes to fanciful stories!

After the coup, you can not fire the police

The scammers are part of an international gang based in some African countries. According to electronic crime expert Wanderson Castilho of E-Net Security, Info Security