Images trafficker chase

Images show persecution and hunt for traffic Mathematician

Persecution lasted less than two minutes on a mile-long stretch that turned into a battle-place. Then, per-sp.

The Fantástico shows the images recorded almost a year ago, at the end of the night of May 11, 2012. Information about the city of Rio de Janeiro.

There is the hunting of Márcio José Sabino Pereira, known as Mathematician, one of the largest traffickers in Rio, with extensive criminal record: 26 inquiries for drug trafficking, association for trafficking, murders.

The Federal Police had been monitoring a Mathematician gang for five months. The agents used electronic espionage - trackers and wiretaps that allowed them to track the location of thugs. That night, how information was passed on to the Civil Police team, who was on a helicopter board.

The chase stretched for about nine blocks. It lasted less than two minutes. A stretch of about a kilometer in length became a war-place. After the hunt.

As images of the video you will see it in the report recorded on the helicopter camera of the Civil Police that was doing an operation. It has a sensor that detects the heat of bodies and objects. There are no videos for the most important moments of the chase. According to police, the man who, in the images, leaves a house is the Mathematical traffic.

The Fantastic to a digital security expert to check if as images of video obtained by Fantástico did not suffer some type of manipulation. "A sequential analysis of the images, of the chronology, of the tune between who is narrating with an image showed a high level of authenticity," says Wanderson Castilho.

See the version of the commander of the helicopter. Adão Lopes de Oliveira, Adão Lopes de Oliveira, and Adão Lopes de Oliveira.

In the video obtained by Fantástico, a trip that looks like the man.

"Yeah, like him, huh?"
That's right.

Was there a staff of the Military Police on the ground to arrest the trafficker? "Our goal on that day was to monitor him so he could be intercepted by PM personnel," Adonis reveals. In the images, it is not possible to see any team by land. "The blind man has broken," explains the commander.

"The target is shot there, I ask you: man, the Military Police team is having trouble locating, right? They are blind," a police officer said in the video.

"If the suspect is so important, the suspect is so important, an arrest of him should be very important as well, and therefore could be done with the ground personnel. The helicopter can not land in a place like this," To public safety consultant José Vicente da Silva Filho.

In note, the Military Police That a large cash was mobilized for an operation. At the entrance of the favela of Korea exchange of shots that hit the tires of the armored. The note further states that, even without the support of the vehicle, the MPs entered the community under heavy fire and fulfilled the purpose of the operation, which was to prevent the flight of Mathematician.

Experts heard by the Fantastic that you can not breathe by helicopter for one night. "It is questionable to do an operation in this nature at night, right? I already have a supplementary consultation," said public safety consultant Diógenes Lucca.

I disagree Because the most important operations we've done in recent times were done at night, through night vision equipment, "points out Commander Adonis." A camera because of the brightness of that twilight was not darkness Total, a camera was to do that operation, "he adds.

"Users are not using the night vision equipment, they are using the residual light that there is no space to carry out these shots. This is a very risky shot," explains TV Globo security commentator Rodrigo Pimentel.

"Just as a person trains daytime shooting, we train the night shot," says Adonis.

"It's a shot without quality, it's a no-compromise shot," Lucca emphasizes on how video footage.

Before the shots, the helicopter is at an altitude between 900 and 1200 meters. He went down to a height of 20 to 40 meters for a sniper action. "It also required the performance of a performance, performance, performance, even a power of this maneuver, in a condition, of course, on dwelling houses, half risky," says Lucca.

"When we got close to the car, we initially did the warning shots. Soon after, we started to hear a lot of the shot in the direction of the aircraft, and then we also retaliated to protect, including making a protection of the aircraft," he says. the commander.

"In any case a vehicle is shooting