Case Studies

Enetsec provides high expertise in its sector: over 3k cases handled, and a 97% rate of solution on expert/ investigative demands.

Castilho is a digital crime specialist, a physicist, and author of the following books: Mentira: um rosto de muitas faces ( “Deception a multifaced issue: A GUIDE TO LIE DETECTION AGAINST CYBERCRIME”), Manual do Detetive Virtual (“The digital detective’s handbook”), and Você sabe o que o seu filho está fazendo na internet? (Do you know what your kid is doing online?”). He is a consulting member at the Law Commission for the Information Society of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB-SP) and an instructor at law enforcement academies throughout Brazil. He has had international experiences as a digital crime specialist in the US, Africa, Canada and South America, and earned more than 10 international certifications.